Leatherhead Town Centre Improvements

Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council are considering a range of projects that would benefit Leatherhead town centre.

Discussions have taken place between the two councils, local organisations and businesses for some time to decide what the priorities should be and where the focus of any design work should be concentrated. The quality of the town centre environment is very important to its viability and vitality. In the decisions to be made on what the priorities should be, a balance has to be struck between the comfort and accessibility for different users.

There is general agreement that the immediate focus of attention should be the area outside The Theatre in Church Street. The area that will be considered will be the section of Church Street from the vehicle barrier to Barclays Bank. The principles that will guide the design will be:

  • reduce street clutter and simplify the layout
  • create a street environment that can be used flexibly for a variety of different purposes depending on the time of day and the season of the year
  • provide a welcoming and attractive entrance to the commercial centre from the south
  • provide a setting in which the shops and restaurants in Church Street can thrive
Church Street, Leatherhead
Church Street, Leatherhead
Church Street, Leatherhead

Progress on the design of these improvements has been on hold pending the outcome of a planning application for a foodstore at 14-20 Church Street. A decision was made in July 2015 to grant planing permission for this proposal, and discussions are now in hand with the developers on how the design and implementation can be brought forward.

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Last Updated: 04/09/2017

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