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Mole Valley Rural Community Strategy

The strategy document lays down a pathway of actions that MVDC and its partners are taking to support Mole Valley's rural communities.

Over 90% of Mole Valley is rural in character and is home to 26% of the District's population. Rural areas provide space for Mole Valley's businesses and are used for a variety of recreational pursuits.

The rural areas face a range of issues some of which are common to the rest of the District but others are unique to living and working in the countryside.

The strategy is split into three elements:

  • The first, and main element, is the strategy document specifying our vision for the rural area which is:

"To support thriving, inclusive and sustainable rural areas which enhance the prospects for Mole Valley's rural communities and businesses and preserve the value of the District's natural assets for future generations"

  • The second element is the Action Plan which sets out tasks for MVDC and its partners to help make progress towards addressing the issues and challenges described in the strategy document
  • The final element is a Corporate Strategy summary showing how it fits into the wider MVDC Corporate priorities

The strategy document also sets out some issues and challenges facing Mole Valley's rural areas, in particular the rural economy, environment and communities.

It also introduces an Annual Rural Community Summitt to bring together the key partners to discuss progress on delivering the first years action plan and to plan the following year's action plan.

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