Data gathering for Transform Leatherhead Transport study

Between 18 and 24 June Transform Leatherhead's transport consultants will begin surveys in Leatherhead to map current traffic flow and car park use. The data gathered will inform the development of a transport simulation model for Leatherhead.

The data gathering will be a mix of automatic and manual data collection methods throughout the week and will include requests to complete car park questionnaires through brief face to face interviews, on Thursday 21 and Saturday 23 June.

Councillor Simon Edge, Cabinet Member for Prosperity said, "Next week visitors to local Leatherhead car parks might be asked to take part in a brief survey to help gather information on: where people have travelled from and where they will travel to on leaving the car park, why they are visiting Leatherhead, how many people are travelling together and how long people expect to stay. Other than requesting postcode information to identify the start and end points of journeys, no personal information will be requested and all staff from the survey company, Advanced Transport Research, will have ID and be clearly identifiable. The MVDC car parks included in the face to face survey are located at: Station Road, Randalls Road, Upper Fairfield Road, Swan Shopping Centre, Church Road, Church Street, Leatherhead Leisure Centre, and Bridge Street and, with the consent of the owners, Mole Business Park and Station Car Park.

"The data gathered from this and the other surveys that week are an essential part of the data gathering necessary for our consultants WSP to create a transport simulation model for Transform Leatherhead as well as Future Mole Valley. WSP will be working closely with Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council to develop this advanced technical model using this and other data over the next several months.

"Once we have the simulation model (anticipated December 2018) we will be able to test out the effects that alterations to the road system, including the gyratory system, would have on peak time traffic flows within the Leatherhead study area. Reviewing these options in the simulation is a key step towards planning the best way to develop future initiatives such as the development of Bull Hill/Red House Gardens and will inform decisions around Leatherhead High Street and the public realm."

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Last Updated: 14/06/2018

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